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Tuesday, March 13th at Palm Ridge in Summit A
12:15 Coffee & Cookies,
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Welcome to the PC web site. The PC club is run with an army of volunteers who govern the club, monitor the rooms, teach, keep the network functional, maintain the membership data base, keep the website up to date, and update the computers. The PC group offers diverse programs and activities within the club. Class offerings range from Windows and programs for Windows to Internet, Linux, Genealogy, Flight Simulation and Karaoke.

The PC group also offers free to members, a help group that is available at the club, usually early before hours to work on computers that members bring in for repair. These club members are knowledgeable and willing to work on computer software and hardware.

Informative meetings that cover a variety of topics of interest to members are held monthly from September through June.

PC Instructors':  The Instructors' Meeting is for all PC Members wanting to be an instructor, or an assistant instructor, for current instructors, assistant instructors and administrators or coordinators. It is held in Room B on the first Tuesdays of the month except June, July and August at 1 pm.  This is an informational meeting to get feedback for ideas for new classes, software programs, other computer related ideas and help with teaching techniques and creating class articles for publication to get the word out about the class you want to teach!

The User Group:  The PC group shares Room A (the main room which houses several computers available for members use) and the Palo Verde Room which is set up as a lecture room with a PC connected to the projector and screen.  The PC group has exclusive use of Room B which has 21 PCs for students to use and one PC which projects to the screen for instructor demonstrations.

Prerequisites for membership in the PC group is:  1) you must have a valid recreation card from Sun City West;  2) you must join Computers West the parent club.  Computers West is the largest club in Sun City West with about 2000 members.

Computers West:  Computers West is a Chartered Club.  Members must have a valid ID from Sun City West Recreation center.  This club is divided into two divisions:  PC or Personal Computer group and Macs West.  The club is located in the Palm Ridge Recreation Center.  Computers West maintains a wireless internet connection which is available to the members.

Sun City West:  We are a premier Del Webb retirement community for active adults 55 and older.  The Recreation Association own 4 Recreation Centers and seven golf clubs.  The Recreation Centers house activities that include a bowling alley, two miniature golf courses, 27 tennis courts, a ball park, racquetball courts, 5 swimming pools and space for over 100 chartered clubs.  To belong to the Recreation Center, one must either own or rent a home in the Sun City West community.