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PC Repair & Maintenance

The PC Repair & Maintenance Group is available WEDNESDAYS from 8:00 to 10:00 a.m.  When you arrive at Computers West, sign in for assistance.  No sign-ups after 8:30 a.m.

The PC Repair & Maintenance Group exists to help the PC members (and only members) with their computer problems. The Group is broadly divided into software and hardware assistance.

Hardware Help

Hardware help is available to troubleshoot problems which are hardware related. Examples of such problems are:

 Computer wonít start and no fans or lights come on when the power is on

 Error messages appear indicating that there is a hardware problem, e.g., no hard drive is installed

 CD drives donít work or wonít open when the button is pushed

While the Hardware Help will attempt to diagnose hardware problems and fix them, the Group does not generally stock or provide hardware for repairs with the exception of replacement Solid State hard drives.  The Group will attempt to install replacement hardware purchased and supplied by the members. In some cases the physical restraints of the computer may make such installation impossible short of factory or authorized repairs. Along that line, it is strongly suggested that members wishing to upgrade their computers consult with the Help Group first to ensure that the right items are purchased.

Software Help

Software help is available to trouble shoot software problems. on both PC's as well as various Android tablets and phones. Examples of such problems are:

Computer starts but error messages appear indicating that Windows cannot load
Error messages appear when a program is started
The computer is very slow to start and operate
The computer suddenly becomes very slow
There are problems trying to install new software
A data disk cannot be read

The Group will assist members with limited one on one help, and with  specific software questions. However, members are encouraged to take various Classes we provide on Windows, Office, Photoshop offered by the Club,  there is not enough time to provide tutorials with regard to the features of new programs or new computers.

When requesting software assistance, members are asked to bring in their computer with the original computer installation disks and any software disks for which there are problems.


Please be sure to bring the power supply for laptop computers. Battery power may not provide enough time to repair problems. Since all laptop computers are different, please bring any manuals to assist in accessing all of the laptop features.

The Repair & Maintenance Group will provide advice on the specifications for computers that members are considering buying.

In recent months the computer sales activities by the big box stores have resulted in members buying computers that were either inadequate or overly expensive for the desired activities.

Please note: The PC Repair & Maintenance Group -  Does Not Make House Calls


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