PC User Group - General Meeting - Palm Ridge- January 18th

Starting at 11:30 am with a Light Lunch and Beverages

CW General Meeting starts at 12:00pm immediately followed by the PC User Group - General Meeting

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PC Flight Simulator Group

First Thursdays - Monthly General Meeting January 6th

0900-1000 Social Hour (Coffee &)

1000-1015 Club Meeting-John Burr/Sam Henderson


1145-1200 Q & A

CORD CUTTING UPDATE!!- New Classes starting at 1:00pm January 20th for 6- Thursdays

We have a NEW CLASS showing how you can cut the cord and learn how to get free TV and augment the free tv viewing with various devices and applications.

One of the most asked for classes are the TV Cord Cutting classes starting SOON in computer club conference room D. This series of classes will be led by Norm Falcone and Jim Bob Brown. The series will be ongoing on Thursdays @1:00am for 6 weeks. Classes will take everyone along a learning journey of what is available, and how to experience the various services and options. Each week will explorer a different device or service.


Live TV streaming services and the new over the air tuners can stream most of the live channels available on your cable box with no contracts to sign, so you can cancel anytime. And if you don't want to pay at all, numerous other services stream free TV shows, free movies and even free live news.

The apps built into your existing smart TV, or running on inexpensive streaming service, such as a Tivo, Roku, Google TV, or Amazon Firestick, can provide more channels & Movies than any cable box, for less money. We will be exploring the pros and cons of each these options and more.

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Ancestry.com and Genealogy meets Thursdays 10:00 am to Noon

We have updated the Room B Classroom’s new PC’s with the Ancestry.com link on Microsoft Edge. We can seat up to 17 students along with the Instructor. There are also 5 PC’s in Room A and 4- Macs in the Mac Room C with Ancestry.com installed. Any member of Computers West can access these machines if you are interested. Laura King and her assistants will be available on Thursday mornings from 10:00am to Noon in Room A to provide guidance and instructions on using the software. This is a no fee class.

Cord Cutting One-On-One help is available on Wednesday mornings at 9:00am

Come by Room B to meet Norm, Jim Bob and David for answers to your questions about cutting the cord and help with your Fire Stick, Roku and other streaming devices.

Did You Know?

The PC Help Group can also help you with your Android cell phone. (Samsung, LG, Motorola etc.) Having issues? Come by on Wednesdays and Fridays starting at 7:30 am. You must be logged in by 8:30am. Help is available on a first come-first served based on the expertise of the PC Volunteers.

**NEW CLASS* Tom Metzger’s What Every PC User Needs to Know.

All class times are 1PM to 3 PM - Attend all 6 sessions- PC CLASSROOM B

Monday, 1-10-22

Wednesday, 1-12-22

Friday, 1-14-22

Monday 1-17-22

Wednesday, 1-19-22

Friday, 1-21-22

AT THIS TIME CLASS IS LIMITED TO 17 PEOPLE in the PC Classroom. CLASS IS NOW FULL. Watch for new classes starting soon

Digital Scrapbooking using My Memories Software- Coming Soon - Watch for Updates

TBD 9:30 to 11:30 plus lab following.

This is a fee based class to cover printing of handouts.

Adobe Photoshop Elements- Coming Soon Watch for Updates

TBD 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm Classroom B

Flight Simulator Group- Schedule Update

The Flight Simulator Group now meets once a month on the first Thursdays at: 9:00am to 12:00pm. This is a general meeting open to all interested CW members. The following Thursdays are for one-on one flight training by an Instructor by appointment only. Contact: lanalbublitz@gmail.com or call: 602-330-8055 to set up your appointment. Instruction appointments will be from: 9:00am to 12:00pm.

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The Linux group is open Fridays 8:00am to Noon - Room D

Coffee is On

Sun City West Linux Group Supports:

The Re-building; Re-configuring; customizing; Hobby Computing; or any other “ing “you might want to do with FREE software and your computer hardware.

The installation and upgrading of Linux Mate 20,xx is now automated.

So, if you are running an older version of Linux OS, it’s time to upgrade into the free, fastest, safest, OS around.

We are expanding our mission to include maintenance of:

  1. Linux Mint & Cinnamon
  2. Other Linux Distributions
  3. Ed Madden’s Cable Cutting Lab

Linux Group Wednesday Mornings- Room D

Open Systems support, by mentoring(one to Small Number) of Free Multi- Platform Software (FMPS) Application software that runs on Mac, Windows, and with the Specialty Linux “desktops” that support domains such as music, art, and media. These are free to the desktop user.

Free Multi- Platform Software (FMPS)

See Dave Owens if you are interested

Help Wanted

If any of you, feel you need to socialize or talk about what you know, learned, or want to share on a Friday Mornings we want you.

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Windows 7 was released back in 2009, and despite no longer having support from Microsoft, it still boasts millions of users. Running Windows 7 on your computer, however, can be a huge security risk.

If you’re running Windows 7 for whatever reason, you don’t have much to lose by upgrading. Windows 7’s layout and themes may be familiar, but the lack of support means there’s little recourse if your computer gets infected with malware.

The PC Help Group can still update members Windows 7 desktops or laptops to Windows 10 for free. Help is available Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:30 am. You must check-in before 8:30am on a first come first served basis. It may take up to 2 hours to upgrade depending on your machine and availability of our volunteers.

Microsoft may stop this free upgrade at any time.

Flight Simulator Group

Room A has an active Flight Sim computer for your use anytime the Club is open.

Click here for more info

Genealogy Training and Demo's

Room A - Walk-In - No Fee Thursdays at 10:00am to Noon.
The PC computer group pays for a subscription to Ancestry.com that is available only on the PCs in Room A and is free for Computer Club members to use.

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