Flight Simulator Group

With new software and new planes to fly (and crash!!)…Flight Simulator Group will be back and flying starting October 7th at 8:00am and every Thursday during the flying season. Come to the Meeting Room and join John and his flying aces. No “gas” required!!

Any member of CW, PC, MAC, Linux etc. is eligible to try out the simulators. Expert instruction is always available.

Room A has an active Flight Sim computer for your use anytime the Club is open.

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First Call for CW and PC Board Candidates

For our Club to continue in 2022, we must have officers. It’s not too soon to think about your role with our Club. The election will be held on November 16th. We will need to elect a CW President, Vice-President, and Secretary. CW Treasurer will be under the auspices of Karen Flores while she transitions the responsibility to Sue Vasconcellos although all candidates for the slate will be considered by the committee.

According to the ByLaws, candidates should be announced at the October 12th General Meeting which is just around the corner.

Any Member can volunteer until midnight October 11, 2021. Please include a brief biography. Feel free to contact David Morin, President of Computers West or any other existing CW Officer to be considered for the slate of candidates. They are also available to answer any questions about the Officer’s duties you may have.

In addition to the 4 required Computers West officers, a representative of the PC Users Group (PC Chairperson) sits on the CW Board. I encourage you to consider running for office. You do not have to be technically inclined, but be a good administrator to hold this position. Other Officers can be elected, but not required by CW Bylaws, include:

  1. PC Vice Chairperson
  2. PC Secretary
  3. PC Treasurer (usually the CW Treasurer)

There are also a number of Directors that are appointed by the PC Chair. These may include:

  1. Social Chairperson
  2. Hardware/Software Manager
  3. Network Administrator
  4. Training Coordinator
  5. Newsletter Coordinator
  6. Linux Director
  7. Flight Simulator Director
  8. Program Coordinator

See or contact Bob Gasner, PC Chairperson or any PC Board member if you are interested in being considered for the slate of officers for 2022.

Ancestry.com and Genealogy is BACK- Thursdays 10:00 am to Noon

The PC User Group has 3 PC’s in Room A with Ancestry.com installed. Any member of Computers West can access these machines if you are interested. Laura King will be available on Thursday mornings from 10:00am to Noon in Room A to provide guidance and instructions on using the software. Come by and meet Laura.

Windows Q&A starting August 4, 2021

This highly popular question and answer session will be meeting on Wednesdays from 10:30 am to 11:30am starting August 4th. Mark your calendar. Sessions will be moderated by various members of the PC Help Group and will cover anything about windows, browsing, software questions etc. It will be held in the meeting room after the Linux session. If there is a conflict we will move to the PC classroom.

Did You Know?

The PC Help Group can also help you with your Android cell phone. (Samsung, LG, Motorola etc.) Having issues? Come by on Wednesdays and Fridays starting at 7:30 am. You must be logged in by 8:30am. Help is available on a first come-first served based on the expertise of the PC Volunteers.

The Linux group is open Fridays 8:00am to Noon - Room D

Coffee is On

Sun City West Linux Group Supports:

The Re-building; Re-configuring; customizing; Hobby Computing; or any other “ing “you might want to do with FREE software and your computer hardware.

The installation and upgrading of Linux Mate 20,xx is now automated.

So, if you are running an older version of Linux OS, it’s time to upgrade into the free, fastest, safest, OS around.

We are expanding our mission to include maintenance of:

  1. Linux Mint & Cinnamon
  2. Other Linux Distributions
  3. Ed Madden’s Cable Cutting Lab

Starting July 16th Wednesday Mornings- Room D

Open Systems support, by mentoring(one to Small Number) of Free Multi- Platform Software (FMPS) Application software that runs on Mac, Windows, and with the Specialty Linux “desktops” that support domains such as music, art, and media. These are free to the desktop user.

Free Multi- Platform Software (FMPS)

See Dave Owens if you are interested

Help Wanted

If any of you, feel you need to socialize or talk about what you know, learned, or want to share on a Friday Mornings we want you.

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CORD CUTTING- New Classes starting Soon!! WATCH for UPDATES

We have a NEW CLASS showing how you can cut the cord and learn how to get free TV and augment the free tv viewing with various devices and applications.

One of the most asked for classes are starting xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx @9am in the computer club conference room. This series of classes will be led by Norm Falcone and Jim Bob Brown. The series will be ongoing every Monday @9am and take everyone along a learning journey of what is available, and how to experience the various services and options. Each week will explorer a different device or service.


Live TV streaming services and the new over the air tuners can stream most of the live channels available on your cable box with no contracts to sign, so you can cancel anytime. And if you don't want to pay at all, numerous other services stream free TV shows, free movies and even free live news.

The apps built into your existing smart TV, or running on inexpensive streaming service, such as a Tivo, Roku, Google TV, or Amazon Firestick, can provide more channels & Movies than any cable box, for less money. We will be exploring the pros and cons of each these options and more.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR NOW – Classes startxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx@9AM


Windows 7 was released back in 2009, and despite no longer having support from Microsoft, it still boasts millions of users. Running Windows 7 on your computer, however, can be a huge security risk.

If you’re running Windows 7 for whatever reason, you don’t have much to lose by upgrading. Windows 7’s layout and themes may be familiar, but the lack of support means there’s little recourse if your computer gets infected with malware.

The PC Help Group can still update members Windows 7 desktops or laptops to Windows 10 for free. Help is available Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:30 am. You must check-in before 8:30am on a first come first served basis. It may take up to 2 hours to upgrade depending on your machine and availability of our volunteers.

Microsoft may stop this free upgrade at any time.

SCW Rec Centers encouraging masks

by RCSCW PR | Aug 5, 2021 |

COVID update:

With Delta variant on the rise
in AZ, SCW Rec Centers encouraging masks

The Recreation Centers of Sun City West’s COVID Task Force continues to track the rise in COVID cases throughout Arizona, including the now-dominant Delta variant.

At this time, the Rec Centers is not instituting any changes to its mask or guest policies. Staff will continue sanitization measures in all facilities. Guests are welcome.

Masks will continue to be optional but are recommended for vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals while indoors. This is consistent with recommendations from the CDC and Arizona Department of Health Services during times of substantial or high transmission.

According to Maricopa County, Sun City West’s zip code (85375) is seeing substantial transmission, with an estimated 30.86 cases per 100,000 people, or a positivity rate of 8.62 percent, as of Aug. 4. That is down from the previous week when the numbers were 51.43 cases per 100,000 and 10.29 percent.

“We can expect the numbers to fluctuate, and in all likelihood, they will rise in this zip code just as they are throughout the state in the coming month,” said General Manager Bill Schwind. “We are fortunate to have a high vaccination rate, and we are confident our members will take the precautions that make sense for them as individuals. We highly encourage mask-wearing, but we are not requiring it at this time.”

According to the Arizona Department of Health Services’ numbers, Sun City West has an approximately 83 percent vaccination rate.

Chartered Club officers are reminded that they must report any positive cases within their clubs to the Association within 24 hours. Staff will deep clean affected areas, on top of regular sanitizing protocols.

Members are encouraged to sign up for enews (suncitywest.com/enews) and check suncitywest.com for the latest updates.


Meeting Room - Walk-In - 8:00 am Fridays - No Fee
Curious about Linux? Want Information about Linux? Interested in Linux meetings? Do you want to attend a Linux class?
Do you need help with Linux? Would you like a FREE computer with Linux installed? Would you like to try a Linux operating system?

More Information, click here

Flight Simulator Group

Room A has an active Flight Sim computer for your use anytime the Club is open.

Meeting Room - Walk-In - No Fee Thursday mornings at 8:00 a.m.

More Information, click here

Genealogy Training and Demo's

Room A - Walk-In - No Fee Thursdays at 10:00am to Noon.

The PC computer group pays for a subscription to Ancestry.com that is available only on the PCs in Room A and is free for Computer Club members to use.

More information, click here.

Mail Merge Excel
TBD 9:30-11:30
No fee

Create a mail merge letter using Word and Excel. Bring E-mail password or flash drive to save work. Bring address book for use on your “list.”

Windows 10 Hands-On Classes


WINDOW 10 Class Website

G-Mail Basic Class

TBD at 10:00am in Room B- No Fee

Signup in PB Class binder at Monitor's Desk

  • Basic Gmail processes everyone should know
  • Create a GMAIL Account
  • Import Contacts
  • Compose and Send
  • Attachments
  • Labels

Monitor Class

TBD at 10:00am. Meets in Classroom B - No Fee

Digital Scrapbooking using My Memories Software

TBD 9:30 to 11:30 plus lab following.

This is a fee based class to cover printing of handouts.

Sign up with Monitor on duty

Pinterest and On Line Shopping - Classroom B

TBD 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Adobe Photoshop Elements

TBD 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm Classroom B

Password Manager Class

TBD - 10:00 AM in Room B

Password Manager – What you need to know and how to do it.

  • Install a Password Manager Program
  • Create the database/safe/Master password/key
  • Create folders
  • Create login data
  • How to use the date

Signup in PB Class binder in Monitor’s Desk- No Fee Class

Smart Home Hardware - Home Automation - Cord Cutting

TBD at 8:30-11:30 am Meeting Room - Walk-in No Fee

Open Discussion

  • Amazon Echo (Alexa)
  • Google Home
  • Nest
  • Raspberry Pie
  • Over the air antennas
  • Q and A session

Holiday party pictures: The Pictures

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