Club Closure Dates May 24th to June 25th

The Recreation Centers of Sun City West will be closing Palm Ridge Rec Center for a parking lot project, beginning May 24th through June 25th.

The asphalt will be milled and replaced during the expected 30-day project. All facilities at Palm Ridge will be closed for the duration.The project involves three continuous phases: the removal of all the old asphalt, soils stabilization and grading, and finally the import of new asphalt, meaning heavy equipment will be moving in and out of the facility for the duration. Additionally, there will be limited staff onsite, and they will be dedicated to maintenance projects, meaning the bathrooms will not be open since they will not be serviced. The facilities cannot be open without bathroom amenities.

Notes from The CW President March 30, 2021

I am sending this note with the approval of the CW Board to the entire Computers West membership in hopes of clarifying our Clubs stance on mask wearing and social distancing in light of recent changes in Arizona’s and Sun City West’s Covid prevention positions. While the majority of our members as well as the CDC wish us to maintain the need to wear a mask and keep social distancing requirements within our club, it appears that current guidance from the Sun City West Rec Centers suggests otherwise. Their most recent written communication says:

Since the Governor has lifted the Mask mandate in the State of Arizona, we at the Rec Centers have been asked many questions on how this affects our clubs:

“Here are some answers:

  • Clubs may NOT require members to wear a mask inside the club.
  • Rooms may NOT be sections off as to separate those with masks and those without. Members may choose where thay want to sit or work.
  • Club officers or Monitors may NOT ask a Member if they have been vaccinated,
  • Please share this information with your members.”

As questionable and controversial as this may be, it is their choice. CW will none-the-less continue to strongly encourage mask wearing and social distancing realizing that a true return to normalcy may be impeded by those who chose not to participate. Our operations will remain unchanged although individual volunteers reserve the right to not provide one-on-one help to anyone for any reason: • Wednesday & Friday - 7:30am till 11:30am - PC help in Rooms A & C • Wednesday - 12pm till 1:30pm – Sr. Genius Bar in Room C • Friday - 8am till 10am - Linux repair in Room D Unfortunately, CW has also been informed that the Palm Ridge facility will be closed (again) from May 24th through June 25th further complicating any expansion of Computers West activity. Upon re-opening CW will be well into summer but plan to continue restricted operations as detailed above. It is our intention to monitor the Covid situation as time passes with our goal being unrestricted operations of Club as soon as it appears safe to do so. The CW Board and I hope that club members will respect each others choices throughout the ongoing reality of Covid-19. Whenever you’re heading to Computers West please consider wearing both a smile and a mask.

Approved by the CW Board on 3/30/2021 Thank You, David Morin, President


Google Chrome has approximately 2.9 billion users, making it the most popular web browser of all time. Unfortunately, a big chunk of these users may be unable to access new versions of Chrome after support runs out for their operating system of choice.

Windows 7 was released back in 2009, and despite no longer having support from Microsoft, it still boasts millions of users. Running Windows 7 on your computer, however, can be a huge security risk.

If you use Google Chrome on your Windows 7 PC, it’s time to upgrade. Otherwise, you’ll be putting yourself and your data in harm’s way every time you log on.

As of January 2022, Google will no longer be supporting Chrome for Windows 7. Anyone with the outdated operating system on their PCs will find themselves unable to update or access Chrome unless they take the plunge and upgrade to Windows 10.

If you’re running Windows 7 for whatever reason, you don’t have much to lose by upgrading. Windows 7’s layout and themes may be familiar, but the lack of support means there’s little recourse if your computer gets infected with malware.

The PC Help Group can still update members Windows 7 desktops or laptops to Windows 10 for free. Help is available Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:30 am. You must check-in before 8:30am on a first come first served basis. It may take up to 2 hours to upgrade depending on your machine and availability of our volunteers.

Microsoft may stop this free upgrade at any time.

From Marcine, Monitoring Coordinator October 26, 2020

It has come to our attention that some of you have come to the club but it was not open.

DO NOT go to the facility administration to complain!

CHECK THE ONLINE MONITOR CALENDAR PRIOR to coming to the club to verify there are two monitors or call (623) 214-1546 if only one is listed in case there are two or more members there and the club is open. not and you still want to come, find a friend to come with you, open the club and function as the monitor while you use the club. Close it when you leave. Monitoring Is Required For Everyone so let Marcine ( know you’ve done your duty for the year.

It is EVERY MEMBERS responsibility to monitor in order to use the club. We have reduced the hours (10-2) because people have not been stepping up to monitor. There must be TWO people in the club or the club must stay closed. If one monitor is listed, if you show up when they do, that makes TWO and y’all can open the club. IF NOT, it must remain closed.

Meeting Room - Walk-In - 8:30 am Fridays - No Fee
Curious about Linux? Want Information about Linux? Interested in Linux meetings? Do you want to attend a Linux class?
Do you need help with Linux? Would you like a FREE computer with Linux installed? Would you like to try a Linux operating system?

More Information, click here

Flight Simulator Group

Room A has an active Flight Sim computer for your use anytime the Club is open.

Meeting Room - Walk-In - No Fee Wednesday mornings at 9:30 a.m. See you soon, look for updates

More Information, click here

Genealogy Training and Demo's

Meeting Room - Walk-In - No Fee First Thursday every month at 1:00 p.m. Temporarily suspended. Watch for updates, see you soon.

The PC computer group pays for a subscription to that is available only on the PCs in Room A and is free for Computer Club members to use.

More information, click here.

**All Classes are Cancelled Until Further Notice**

Upcoming classes:

Cord Cutting
Room D Meeting Room
8:30am – 11:30am

Presentation by Ed Madden
What is Cord Cutting?
What Antennas can & can't do.
First step hardware you may want to add to your cord-cutting project.
Where you can get a Program Guide.
What type of programming you will be able to watch.
Live Demo of a starting system everyone can put together.

Question & Answer period at the end.

Mail Merge Excel
TBD 9:30-11:30
No fee

Create a mail merge letter using Word and Excel. Bring E-mail password or flash drive to save work. Bring address book for use on your “list.”

Windows 10 Hands-On Classes


WINDOW 10 Class Website

G-Mail Basic Class

TBD at 10:00am in Room B- No Fee

Signup in PB Class binder at Monitor's Desk

  • Basic Gmail processes everyone should know
  • Create a GMAIL Account
  • Import Contacts
  • Compose and Send
  • Attachments
  • Labels

Monitor Class

TBD at 10:00am. Meets in Classroom B - No Fee

Digital Scrapbooking using My Memories Software

TBD 9:30 to 11:30 plus lab following.

This is a fee based class to cover printing of handouts.

Sign up with Monitor on duty

Pinterest and On Line Shopping - Classroom B

TBD 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Adobe Photoshop Elements

TBD 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm Classroom B

Password Manager Class

TBD - 10:00 AM in Room B

Password Manager – What you need to know and how to do it.

  • Install a Password Manager Program
  • Create the database/safe/Master password/key
  • Create folders
  • Create login data
  • How to use the date

Signup in PB Class binder in Monitor’s Desk- No Fee Class

Smart Home Hardware - Home Automation - Cord Cutting

TBD at 8:30-11:30 am Meeting Room - Walk-in No Fee

Open Discussion

  • Amazon Echo (Alexa)
  • Google Home
  • Nest
  • Raspberry Pie
  • Over the air antennas
  • Q and A session

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